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A three-year-old startup in the software industry with no social presence wanted to find a way to get relevant follows but also wanted to build their credibility in the marketplace. Their challenges were that they have a three-year-old company with no social media presents. They reached out to Your City Direct for help. Your City Direct using its social media and content creation team put together a content strategy to build the software company social presence and make their brand relevant in their industry. Your City Direct created content that was targeted toward decision makers that would be more likely to buy software. Using our Social Media team Your City Direct was able to build a relevant following to share the content that was created. The following is results some of the results after just one week using the Your City Direct social media and content creation programs.



In one week the campaign resulted in the following. Web traffic to their corporate site increased over 200%! The software companies Twitter account grew from zero follow to over  1,300 relevant followers that were engaged with their brand! As a result of Your City Direct efforts, they received two requests for quotes and one closed deal in the first week. The one deal resulted in nearly $60,000 return on their investment. Because of their success, they have increased their use in other Your City Direct product offerings. They are still today one of Your City Direct’s longest and most loyal clients


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