A national furniture retailer was looking to gain new customers across several retail stores in the Northeast region of the United States. Using previous targeting methods, the client had been unable to reach consumers who had just recently moved into the local area. We are able to offer a solution. Your City Direct allows clients to send online advertisements to people who have just recently moved. The different targeting segments include those who have moved into a new home, are about to move into a new home, or are currently in escrow. The furniture retail client loved the idea of being able to target prospects that had just moved and decided to run with the program.


The campaign resulted in a Return on Advertising Spending of over 1695%! Over the duration of May 28th, to October 11th, the households targeted resulted in 482 sales during this period, returning more than $374,700! That’s an average sale of more than $777. What’s more, greater than half of the targets who saw ads online went in store to purchase at the brick-and-mortar locations, as opposed to just ordering online. See detailed data below:

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